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A bootcamp like no other! Grab a partner and get to work. A HIIT style bootcamp where you go through the various stations with a partner. Each station lasts roughly 2 minutes. It's kind of like musical chairs! Once you hear the music stop, you move to the next station. You have the coaches and your partner to help you get through all the stations. It will challenge you mentally and physically but its worth it! To keep things interesting no class is the same. New exercises, music and even the location of the class (within the Miami Area) change. 


Community like no other where everyone helps motivate you to become the ultimate athlete. We all know how hard the gym can be on some of us or how tough it is to truly be inspired to even step into one. Which is why we created a fitness community that not only challenges you mentally, but builds muscular endurance, strength and guides you on your fitness journey. You may think "Oh here is another bootcamp who offers similar interests or perhaps try to sell you a fitness dream. No! We bring to you women empowerment, men empowerment, partnership, mentors, leadership, strength, confidence a family, a support group. You are not alone on this journey. What sets us apart from the rest, is the CLUB! Not only do you have a trainer guiding you through these intense workouts but you have your best friend, brother, sister, even your parents can join in on the fun and work out together as partners. Two is always better than one right? Studies have shown that exercising with a partner or in a group fitness setting increases motivation and can boost your mood. There’s just something special about accomplishing something together. We also tend to work harder by matching the intensity level of our partners (whoever is working harder sets the tone). Even if is someone you don’t know, you can still capture the spirit of healthy competition and support – that’s why we’ve built                                      FHIT CLUB!





If you are looking for a more personal workout both Anthony and Gio are experienced certified personal trainers and can accommodate 1 on 1 sessions anywhere. 

Anthony is an experienced fitness professional with a background as a baseball player and athlete. He is an expert in strength, endurance and core training. Having his certification with NASM has kept his clients re-assured that they are in good hands and can keep consistent and growing.

Gio is a long time fitness professional and expert in body toning, endurance, and body building. With a background in martial arts and stunt work he is able to develop creative and fresh regimens. He has been training clients for a number of years as well. 


Find balance, strength and peace with our FHIT YOGA. Coming soon! 


Your kids can join in on the fun too! A bootcamp and exercise routine designed for kids. Workouts, games and education on workouts. Anthony was a camp counselor at Camp California in Croatia and was in charge of many of the sporting activities there. Coming soon!

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